So how important is a blog anyway..

Really important! It’s the easiest way to show just how knowledgeable you really are and get potential clients to your site. When you are constantly coming up with new recipes or spending time training clients, it can be hard to find the time to get behind the keyboard and write. And if you do get behind the keyboard, what do you even write about it? These are common problems that everyone goes through - even me sometimes! Trust me, you are not alone :)

Blogging as Needed

Sometimes, you get a little behind and those blog posts just keep moving down your to do list. Behind you know it, months have gone by and your blog is hearing crickets. If you love to blog yourself but just need a little help here and there, I can help on an as needed basis.

Monthly Blogging Package

This package is perfect for the business owner that just doesn't have time to blog. It includes 4 blog posts per month. We will share a google document full of blogging ideas that you can put in your must have written ideas and I’ll include a few that I want to run by you. Once each blog post is approved, I will either send the final post to you or schedule it for you!   

Monthly Blogging & Newsletter Package

This package includes the above blogging package with 4 blog posts per month as well as the copy for 1-2 newsletters per month.

Content Help

Okay so maybe you have time to write but you just don’t have the time to think up of any good ideas to talk about. After a quick chat and a questionnaire, I will send through a list of 10 blog ideas with a few points for each that will help get you started!