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No two businesses are alike so it only makes sense to have different social media options!

Need help with hashtags ? You got it! Want to hash out some ideas you are loving? You got it! I offer a few different options that will help you get through that pain point you are having. Whether you just need to get out of creative funk and get some perspective or have someone completely manage your account, there is a package for you. Don’t see what you are looking for? Drop me an email at caitydougherty@gmail.com



Hashtag Package

Are your posts all scheduled out but you are lost when it comes to hashtags? What if I told you I could take all the researching out it for you? With the hashtag package, you will receive 50 relevant hashtags for your account. Once the invoice is paid, you will receive a questionnaire with all kinds of questions about who you want to reach, what your content is about and links to your social media accounts. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a list of hashtags that fit your target audience and your brand to help your account grow!

Engagement Package

The Engagement Package is for the solopreneur that loves to post but doesn't have time to interact with their followers. The engagement package includes: 30 minutes a day (mon-fri) of engaging with your target audience, responding to comments & interacting with your followers. (oh and don’t worry, I’m not all about those sleazy follow for follow tactics. I grow your account as organically and honest as possible!)

Management Package

The Management Package is for the biz owner who just doesn’t have time to manage their own account! I know it can be hard to trust a complete stranger with something that is oh so personal. This is why I spend a ton of time getting to know you and your brand before I even start scheduling out content. Once you go through the on-boarding process, I will send questionnaires to you all about the types of content your audience loves, what your dream account looks like and more. I’ll spend time going over your current accounts, your website, your blog and anything else you want to send my way. From there, I will schedule everything out in a mock up calendar so you get to look everything over. This way you have access to everything and you know what is scheduled at any given time. This package includes 5 posts per week& 30 min per day of engagement with your audience. (mon-fri)

30 for 30

Ever just want to talk out an idea with someone? Or have someone answers those burning questions but you don’t know who to ask or who to turn to? Well, the 30 for 30 package is all about those questions. I’ll send out a questionnaire addressing all of your dire questions and we will spend 30 minutes talking about all the things for only $30!


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