I offer two different Instagram packages.

The Engagement Package is for the solopreneur that loves to post but doesn't have time to interact with their followers. The engagement package includes: 30 minutes a day of engaging with your target audience, responding to comments & interacting with your followers.

The Content Strategy Package is for the solopreneur that just doesn't have time to post. It includes: a 1 hour strategy session per month, 1-2 Instagram posts per day (m-f) that are tailored to your target audience & the complete engagement package. 





I offer two different Pinterest packages. 

The Pinterest Cleanup is perfect for when you are switching over from a personal account to professional, if you are going through a re-brand or you just want to clean it up! It includes a 30 min strategy session as well as a thorough check on all of your Pins (checking links) and deleting pins and boards that are off brand. It will also include adding new boards if needed.

The Pinterest Management Package includes a monthly management of your account, 25-50 pins per day, analytics each month as well as the Pinterest Cleanup Package.




The Facebook Management Package includes: 1-2 posts per day (m-f) tailored to your target audience, a monthly 1 hour strategy session and 30 minutes per dayof responding to comments & interacting with pages your business is following.



The Twitter Management Package includes: 2-4 posts per day (depending on what works best for you & your brand) and 30 min of responding to tweets & interacting.