I offer different packages because no two businesses are alike! All of our needs are all different. Whether you are looking for social media management, social media upkeep, or maybe just ghostwriting - there's a package for you. 


Social Media Management

Think about how much free time you would have if you had all of your social media accounts completely taken care of... sounds amazing right? From content creation to engaging with your followings, I got you covered! 


Ghost Writing

When you're constantly behind the camera, the last thing you want to do is sit at your keyboard, writing. I get it! Whether it is that your latest engagement blog post or your monthly newsletter, I got you covered! This can be a month to month package or as needed. 


The Whole Shebang

Think about all the things you could do (or all the relaxing you could do!) when your blog and all of your social media accounts are managed for you. This package covers everything, from weekly blogging to managing your social media accounts to even answering questions on your Instagram account. 


DIY Monthly Package

Launching soon! Not ready to have someone take over your social media accounts just yet but not quite sure what to be posting? This is the perfect package for you! This package includes everything you need - from blog topic ideas to Instagram story ideas, it will cover 30 days of content you can post on your own time. After sending detailed questionnaires and looking at your accounts, I will set up  a monthly plan of content for your desired social media accounts. It will include photo ideas, captions and even times to post!