How can I help you?

Ever felt like your social media accounts were lacking? Too hard to set up or just don't have any time to take care of it? Well, good news. I am here to help you! Let's sit down for a one on one to talk about your strategy or let me handle it for you so you can make more time in your day to rock your business. If you don't see any options that work for you, that's okay! Shoot me an email and we can work out a plan that works for you, your brand and your business. 


Let's review your social media. Let's take a look at what you are currently doing,together. What's working? What's not? What are your goals? I'll help you answer all of those questions and come up with ideas on what to improve on and more importantly, how your business is going to improve. You will receive an easy to follow creative strategy that you can move forward with on your own and be productive in all aspects of your to do list. 

Investment - $75 for one hour together.


This is perfect for someone who can handle posting to your accounts but you need a little creative help a long the way. Let's start with a social media audit and from there we will talk about goals, strategy and your business. From there, we will creative a strategy together. We will go over your creative strategy and discuss if it is working for you, your business and your life. At the end of the 3 months, you will have learned the best social media practices for your business and will have the confidence and strategies to move forward. 

Investment - $300


Need someone else to take care of your social media? I'm on it! With this package you will get your life and business back. You can focus on your to do list and rock your business while your social media is completey taken care of. Sit back while I get extra creative developing posts that your followers are going to love.

Expect about 6-7 posts a week on  Facebook & Twitter. I will also spend a few hours a week engaging and interacting with your followers. I will monitor your pages twice a day to make sure everything is perfect and nothing is missed!  

Investment - $350 per month

Need Instagram taken care of too? Don't worry, I'll handle it! Whether you are starting from scratch or need your account spruced up a bit, I'll make sure it is perfect for your brand. Each post will be tailored to your company, using the best hashtags and photos (either taken by you or I can come to your company, if local) that your community will love. I will engage, like and comment  8 hours each month. 

Investment - $250 per month

Pinterest too? I got it! Whether you are starting from scratch or need your account spruced up a bit, I'll make sure it is perfect for your brand.We'll work together to create the best possible boards for your company. I'll search for the perfect pins for each board that will get more traffic to your website. 

Investment - $250


Don't see what you are looking forward? Let's talk! We can figure out the best plan for your specific needs.