Social media can be confusing when you are just starting out but there are SO many amazing tools out there that will help you create those perfect posts you’ve been dreaming of. I wanted to create a space that had all of my favorite tools in one place! From schedulers/planners to editing apps, these tools will help you out in so many ways.


Later - Looking for an Instagram scheduler?! Later is my go to for most clients! The best part? If you are only looking to do a few posts per week, you may be eligible for a free plan. If you have more than one account, you can even set up to schedule posts for both accounts. It helps keep you organized and on top of your scheduler.

Plann - Just like Later, it’s awesome for scheduling out your content. I love how it gives you different categories to plan out your content. The downside? It’s only a phone application right now, there is no desktop version! But if that isn’t a problem for you - it’s a great option.

Unum - Unum is another great scheduling tool. I’ve used this one from time to time on my etsy shop account. Like Plann, it’s only available as a phone app which can be hard if you are taking professional photos and editing them on your computer. But I love the different edits you can do to each photo.

Tailwind (Awesome for Pinterest!)

Photo Editors /Stories

A Color Story - Awesome for editing photos! Easy to use and you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

Unfold - Has a few free options but has some great story templates for purchase too. Very easy to use!

Story Art - Just like Unfold, it has free and paid options. Easy to navigate and makes super fun stories.

Photoshop - My tried and true! I’m a sucker for Photoshop and tend to design most story templates here. It’s a great way to create something that is absolutely custom to you!


Asana - Great for planning out projects and collaborations! Very easy to use.

Trello - Perfect for to do lists! I use this daily for keeping track of my tasks.

Slack - Have a team? Perfect way to chat with each other without have to text/email constantly. There’s a phone app and a desktop version which is awesome if you feel like you are staring at your phone for too long :)


Freshbooks - LOVE Freshbooks. From saving your client information to sending recurring invoices, it takes out the annoying tedious tasks of sending invoices for you. Their customer service is phenomenal and I’ve been using them for a few years now.


Typeform - Easy to use and if you don’t have too many to send out, you may qualify for the free version. You can customize each questionnaire to your brand and makes you look super professional.

Stock Photos (Free & Paid)

Unsplash (Free!) - My absolute favorite so stock photos. It is free so keep in mind that you may see others using the same photos.

Pexels (Free!) - My second go to! They have a lot of similar photos to Unsplash but has really great options. Because it is a free site, chances are you will see others using the same photos.

Haute Chocolate (Paid) - Love Haute Chocolate photos! If you have more of a feminine brand, you will probably find a lot of photos that will fit your brand. It does cost money to have a monthly account so keep that in mind.