The Pineapple Process


Coming soon… Stay tuned!

When it comes to social media, it can be hard to give someone else access to your account. It’s your baby, I get it! You’ve worked hard to get your brand up and running and get it to where it is now and sometimes, social media is just too personal to give to a complete stranger over the internet. Or maybe you have the time and the desire to work on your social media, but you just don’t know where to start.

Well, the pineapple process is for you! It’s all about us working closely together on your social media accounts. Think of it as a super interactive course where the teacher is watching almost every move you make on social media (not in a creepy way of course!) and challenging you to try new ideas and to get more personal with your clients. I’m here to look over your weekly content ideas, push you to change up your content a little bit, offer suggestions and give you all the tools you’ll need to do it along the way. (think story templates, apps to help you edit photos, etc.) All those things you just don’t know where to start with will be given to you!

The pineapple process is $275 per month with a 3 month minimum. During this time, you will have weekly homework to complete each week (nothing crazy, I promise! It’s all about your favorite thing - your brand!) and I will be looking over your planned social media each week. During our weekly check ins, I will be offering suggestions, chatting with you about your ideas, what you are loving & hating, and everything in between.