Finding the Right Audience

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What the heck's a target audience and why is it important? Sometimes, when you have a business, you just want to sell to anyone who has money and willing to buy. While that seems like a great idea at the time, this could truely end up hurting you more than helping you. 

Finding your niche and your target audience is so ideal when it comes to selling a service or a product. You want to be able to help your ideal client out and answer their questions. You want to be the answer to their problems. How can you be the answer if you don't even know who they are or what their question is?

hen you figure out who your target audience is, you start speaking to them and marketing to them in a way they will love, a way that they will understand. Why?? Becuase you know where they are hanging out, what they do, and how they need to be marketed to. It allows you to really get in touch with them and talk to them. Start conversations with people who are going to love you, not just every Joe Shmoe out there.

It sounds scary, I know. But I promise you, you are not going to alienate people away when you find your niche. You are going to attract the right person to your business, not just a lot of people who arent totally interested and not willing to buy. A million people can look but if no one buys, it totally sucks. 

ind out what they do for work, what they like to do on the weekends, what they eat, where they live, etc. Really focus on your niche and figure out who they are to the core. The more you understand about them the more you are going to be able to speak to them on their level. 

Start having idea client interviews and find out what they struggle with, what they love, etc. It will help both of you figure out how to help your client grow and be the best that they can be.

Are you an Expert?

Are you an expert? 

When it comes to the internet, it can be hard to feel like an expert when there is what feels like a million other people doing the exact same thing as what you do. It takes so much effort to build your personal brand and really get all of your ducks in a row. Just add being an expert to the list and you will instantly feel overwhelmed. Have no fear, I promise. You are doing what you do because you are an expert. There may be people out there who do similar things as you but no one can replicate your work because you add your flair and personality to it.

ere are a few steps you can take to really grow your following and be seen as a bad ass expert. Whether you are a nutritionist coach, a crossfit coach, a gym owner, whatever. You are here because you know what you talking about. You are an expert!

Webinars, Periscope, Youtube. 

Start doing some fun videos! Create an awesome idea for a webinar or even join Periscope (sort of like mini webinars) It's a great way to grow your brand and allow your community to hear your voice! It gets your message out into the universe and your community can see you are a real person. It's a great way to build trust! Your viewers are going to feel like they are in your living room with you hanging out. 

Collaborate like a boss.

Start working with some other people to create something even more awesome. If you are a gym owner, maybe collaborate with a nutritionist to start creating meal plans. Or maybe if you are a crossfit coach, collaborate with a yoga instructor for a class special. Think outside of the box. What do your followers do? Where do they like to eat? Collaborate with others that are really going to help out your target audience. They will sincerely appreciate it and it allows you network with other bad ass business owners.

Find Your Niche

What is it that makes you go? What drives you in the morning? What are you inspired by? Find your niche that you really are an expert on. t can be hard to sound like an expert when you are trying to talking about everything under the sun. Find something you love and focus on it. Build your foundation for content. Once it is established you can start branching out a little.