Consistency is the magic word.

Consistency is the magic word.

When it comes to creating an online strategy for your marketing, consistency is key. It is honestly the best thing that you can do. You can have every social media network under the sun, spend a gazillion on ads but if you are now showing up on your networks and creating those relationships, it is a waste of time.

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A Little Thursday Motivation

I believe that if you let go of everything you ever loved to make money, you are absolutely going to regret it. Yeah, those boots are amazing, but do you love your job? Do you enjoy going to work everday?

Don't lose yourself or your passion over money. It can be hard when moneys tight, I get it. Those student loans are hanging over my head as we speak(type?!) But don't give up your dreams for money. You only have one life. Live it the way you want to.

Stay positive and keep going. Don't listen to the people who don't support you. Your business is your passion and you love it so much. How would you feel if you just let it slip away? Probably upset, guilty, all of the above. Keep crushing those blog posts and sending your audience valuable information. If you are having trouble, shoot me an email. I'm here to chat and push you to be the better business owner that I know you can be. 

But really, chat with me! I'm happy to help.

Finding Inspiration

Not feeling inspired to come up with content? I totally get it. It can be hard to think what your target audience wants to read. What do your clients really want you to tell them. Don't beat yourself up too much if you are feeling totally lost right now. 

You started this business for a reason. You had a serious calling and you went out there and you created it. You know your client better than anyone. You just need a little inspiration and maybe a little push from me! 

Many people think they can only create content when they are feeling inspired and in the moment. It may feel true, but I promise it's not. You may feel like you have nothing good to say and that is the reason you use for not sharing content. It could be days, weeks and even months before your client gets another tidbit of information from you in their inbox. Don't let this  happen!! You have amazing things to share and I promise you, your clients WANT to hear it. 

You never want creating content to feel like a chore. If it starts feeling that way, take a break. Go outside, take a walk, watch some Netflix, do whatever you need to do to relax and reset. Then go back and look at your old content. Read through it. What do you love about each post? What do you think is missing? Skimming old content will give you some ideas for what to write about in the future.

Think about why you started your business. What made you so excited about starting? Think about your clients. When you talk to them, do you notice they ask a lot of questions about a certain topic? If so, it may be a good topic to start creating content about. If one client is curious, there is a good chance another client is curious as well. 

Creating content can be a lot of fun. It can be somewhat of a chore at times  when you are crunched for time. Remember, it's okay to take a day off from creating content. Be sure to take time to really relax. You will find that inspiration in no time!

​Creating Content When You Feel Lazy and Unmotivated

When you are working crazy hours and constantly on the go, it can be hard to keep up that momentum every single day. It's easy to have an unexpected lazy day when all you want to do is sit on the couch eating Cheeze Itz and watching Friends on Netflix. Lazy days are awesome but not so awesome when it's on a workday where you have a to do list longer than you. You are an entrepreneur, you have shit to do. Grab another handful of Cheeze Itz and pull yourself together, we are going to be productive today!

Take a Break

Take a break from the screen. After staring at the screen for hours, your eyes hurt and you feel like you are about to go crazy. Get away from your laptop. Close it down and take a breather for a little while. 

Go Outside

Get out in nature! Walk the dog or take a good book and read outside for a little while. Stepping outside in nature will help you relax and will take your mind off of work for a bit. You never know when your next idea is going to hit you!

Browse Old Content

What have you written about before? What was your favorite blog post to write? Take a look at what you have done so far. Read comments and questions your followers have asked. Questions are usually a good starting point for a blog post. 

Do Something Creative

Do you have a hobby that you just absolutely love doing? Whether it is painting, writing or even photography, spend some time doing it. Get out there and use your creativity on your passion. It will help you release some work related stress and when you get back to work you will be happy and stress free.