Why You Need to Blog - Part 2

Last week I shared my top 3 reason on why you should be blogging. I am back again this week with a few more reasons. What are your favorite reasons to blog?

4. Improves your writing skills

Take the worst writer int he world and make them write everyday and they are going to learn along the way. Put in your 10,000 hours. Keep writing. Once the words start flowing, you never know what you are going to think of. It may spark your next great idea.

5. Drives Traffic From Social Media

Whenever you post your latest blog, are you letting people know on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? Let them know! Share it through different platforms. You never know who you are going to end up reaching and that is all because of the amazing social media networks we have today. 

6. Makes your Followers Happy

Doing all of these things is really just great for your followers (and for you!). They are going to love the content you put out there. All in all, it's a win win. 

Why You Need to Blog - Part 1

Blogs are something that I've always loved. I've been reading blogs for years and I've had a few blogs in my time. My first blog ever was a makeup blog. Every month I talked about my product empties and new products I was buying. Looking back, I giggle a little bit because I loved it so much! My family didn't know about it, my friends didn't know about, you could say it was my dirty little secret.

Fast forward to today, I have two blogs. I blog here on Caitydougherty.com about marketing and social media and I also blog about Caity & Co (my etsy shop!). 

Blogging is time consuming but also a great outlet for you creatives out there. It lets you be creative with words and really drive traffic to your site. There are so many reasons why you should blog and I'm going to let you in on a few of those reasons!

1. Increases SEO

The dreaded SEO. Everyone's talking about and obsessing over it! When you blog, it really does help your SEO a ton. It basically sends a little alert to search engines to let you know that you are still active on your site and staying up with it. You are updating it constantly (depending on how often you blog) and you are staying current. Search engines love that!

2. Consistency

I mentioned this a little bit already but when you blog a set amount of times a week it keeps you consistent. When I check out new site,s I always like to read their blog and if the last post is from 1998 then I suddenly question if they are still in business. Where did you go and why aren't you sharing your knowledge with me? 

3. Trust

Consistency builds trust. If your followers see you showing up 3 times a week for a whole year, they are going to build this connection with you. When you are share all kinds of information with them constantly they are going to see you as someone who knows a shit ton of what they are interested in and you will have their back when they hire you. Why? Because you showed up 3 times a week for a year without missing a beat. 

Do you have any blogging tips? Comment below! Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!