Quick Instagram Tips

Updating your profile info!

Who are you? What's your website? Including your website is so incredibly important because it gives people an opportunity to go to your site where they can see your services, sign for a newsletter and even hire you. There's so much opportunity here guys. They may have stumbled across your account and really love your images, they will probably love your blog too and so on and so on. Don't forget to include your website and who you are/what you do!


Do your research. It's important to use hashtags that are going to increase your followers and not hurt you. Keep track of what others are using in your field and make sure that your not using hashtags that aren't on track with your target market. 


Interact with others. Don't just let people comment on your photos without saying thank you and engaging them. Ask questions on your photos, get people talking! It can be so helpful, I promise.