​What to do when you just cant find that dream client!

1. Breathe

Get advice from mentors/people you trust. Stay away from family, they love you so much that they are going to tell you all good things, sometimes you need to hear the hard stuff. So call up your mentors and invite them to brunch or even just for coffee. Tell them what's going on, vent a little. When they give advice, listen. Listen really hard. Listen to what they say. They may make you realize that maybe you are going about things the wrong way. Maybe you are doing something that your target isn't interested in. You may only need to tweak a few things to get back on the right path.The great thing is that they see your strengths for what they really are. They are also going to tell you your weaknesses - which is what you want. Family may avoid that part of the conversation to avoid hurting your feelings.

2. Get out & Network.

Start networking with people. Talk to literally everyone. You never know who they are friends with and they may even recommend you! If anything, you gain a few more friends!

3. Quit ya complaining!

know this can be really hard. When life gets hard and nothing seems to go right you feel like all you have left is to complain. Don't get sucked in. The more you think negatively the more it effects you. Try to be proactive - think quit ya bitching start pitching!