What Not To Say To a Recent Grad...

As you guys know, I graduated a few months ago. I have found that a lot of people say the same things over and over again. Sometimes, when people ask a question I just stare at them blankly. People can be so rude!

Here's a few things you may not want to say at your next grad party...

So, are you going for your doctorate?

Why did you even get your master's?

Did you find a job yet?

So you know you are going to lose your insurance soon, right?

hen are you getting married?

Are you getting married?

Why don't you have a job yet?

How many jobs did you apply for this week?

Do you even work?

They have a Master's program for Marketing? Interesting.

How do you pay for things working part time?

Are you planning on getting a full time job?

Have you considered going back to school?

No. Just no. Don't say these to recent grads, they have enough to stress about! Encourage them to go follow their dreams and congratulate them on their accomplishments. It's a lot of work and it's a huge accomplishment! Yay, recent grads!