The Fear of Failing

Are you willing to fail? Are you petrified of the thought of failing? I was and honestly, I still am. I know I am not the only one out there with the fear of failing. Failing is a huge worry for a lot of people, especially entrepreneurs. What's going to happen if you screw up? 

I know it can be really hard, but embrace failing if it happens to you. You are going to be okay. Things will be okay. And guess what? You just learned a ton about what NOT to do. That is one amazing thing about being out on your own rocking your business. You can fail without your company flipping out. When you are working for someone else, they don't take failing as lightly as you will. You lose a huge client, they can potentially fire you or take you off of a specific account, etc. You have the beauty of being your own boss and learning what is working for you and what doesn't. This is huge. 

Don't ever think that just because you failed you are not good enough or you suck. That is just not true. You are a bad ass entrepreneur out there helping people. It takes skill, talent and a ton of hard work to get where you are. That says something about you. Think of failing as an outcome you weren't expecting. PLOT TWIST! 

When you fail, you learn. This is the most important thing. You learn what you did wrong. You learned to not do that again. You will learn how to do it correctly and watch, you are going to be so successful. So get out there, fail! Fail, Learn, Succeed. I have full faith in you.