Tips For When You Hit The Dreaded Writer's Block

Writer's block is a struggle. Somedays you'll find the words just flowing out of you and then other days, you just stare at a blank word document. Hitting that roadblock is hard when you know you have content that you need to get out for clients. I've put together a few of my favorite tips to help you get past that block and start cranking out the content. 

Walk Away

The first thing I do when I've been staring at the screen for too long is I walk away. Staring at the blank screen makes me stressed and I know I'm not going to be putting out anything good if I'm too overwhelmed. Go find something to take your mind off of the content for a few minutes. Whether that is taking your dog for a walk, working out or even hopping in the shower (anyone else get the best ideas in the shower?!) will help you clear your head a little bit and make room for those new ideas. I think ideas hit me best when I'm not forcing it. You never know, you may have an awesome idea hit you mid workout :) 

Write It All Down

When you find yourself coming up with a bunch of ideas, don't just store them all in your head. Chances are you will forget a bunch of them anyway. When I have a few ideas, I like to keep a running google document of everything. I write down every single idea - even if I know some will never actually make it to the blog. Usually when I start writing everything down, more ideas will come to me. It tends to spark new ideas. If I have a points that I really want to talk about I try to make a note of it so that when I look back on it I'll remember what I was thinking about originally. When you hit that road block a few months down the road, you will thank your past self for giving you all of these great ideas! 

Read Your Own Blog

Okay so this may seem a little weird but I swear it works. Go back and read your own blog. Are you finding that you talk more about one specific topic and missing out another one? Are there a lot of comments on specific topics? Try to notice these small details and see what you may be missing out on and need to expand on further down the road. Re-reading your past posts will most likely spark some new ideas anyway!

Writers block is totally normal, don't let it get you down! Just know that this is part of the writing process and you will go through it more than once. It's one of the not so fun parts about being a creative but there are definitely ways that you can get yourself out of your writing rut.