3 Ways To Beat Your Creativity Block

Get out of your creative block, stat!

Creativity is something that everyone has but e all get into creative ruts at one time or another. It can be stressful when you have work to get done and you literally got nothing! Don't stress, here are a few simple tips to get back on track! 


Doodle your heart way

ometimes you just have to draw something. Take some time to de-stress and either color or draw. Let your mind wander and see what comes out. You may be surprised how much you enjoy taking some time to just doodle.

Get Moving

Sometimes you just have to get out of your space and start moving. Get outside for your favorite kind of workout or even just get a walk with your four legged friend. Movement is a great way to get your creative thinking back on track. 

Get a notebook

I usually keep a notebook in bag so when I am out and get random ideas I can jot them down. You can even use the note section on your phone if that is easier. When you are feeling like you have no ideas, just take a look at your note section and see if it sparks anything for you. 

What are your favorite ways to get back into creative thinking?