My Favorite Pinterest Tool

Pinterest is one of my all time favorite tools nowadays. I literally can get lost on there for HOURS. I mean c'mon, there are so many different categories and millions of pins, it's hard not find something that is totally amazing. I usually get lead down the rabbit hole and find myself still browsing a few hours later. Is it just me?!

When it comes to your business, Pinterest is an amazing, amazing tool. You have to think of Pinterest more as a search engine than your typical social media network. Think of it like a search engine, just like Google! There are many different factors that come into play when you are trying to gain more followers and traction on Pinterest. I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite tools to grow your audience. 

Boardbooster!! Boardbooster is literally amazing. It is such a time saver and allows you to be active on Pinterest every single day without actually being on Pinterest. Pinterest likes to reward the people who are pinning constantly and not only pinning their own content but others too. This is such a great way to utilize that.

Boardbooster allows you to schedule, manage and loop pins! (eeek!) Can you yell my excitement? Not only can you schedule out your pins (others and your own) but you can loop your current pins on your boards, which means new followers will get a chance to see your older content. Serious game changer!

You can automate all of your pinning, you can as active or even no as active as you'd like. It will take care of your pinning while you take care of that to do list. If you haven't check out Boardbooster before, I high encourage you to check it out. I'm also offering new Pinterest services and will even set up Boardbooster for YOU! Feel free to email me at for more info! :)

- C