Feature Friday

Ever since I started freelancing full time this past January, I have come across so many amazing businesses in the Boston area and even across the country. I have met so many amazing boss ladies (and men!) who are absolutely killing it in their businesses. As a newer small business, seeing how successful they are and how much they love what they do, just pushes me to strive that much harder for my own goals. To say they are inspiring is just the beginning. They make me want to learn as much as I can about everything and it motivates me to keep going after my dreams. They are the reason why I know that it's possible to follow your dreams and be sucessfull at them. They're doing it each and every day. 

I wanted to be able to showcase them somehow and show others how amazing they are too. They've put countless hours, tears and beads of sweat into their business and it shows. The companies range from wedding planners, to boudoir photographers, to even crossfit gyms. They all have one thing in common. They LOVE what they do and they love their clients. Their businesses are all so different in so many ways, but as business owners, they have so much in common. Talent and knowledge is basically oozing out of them.

My Friday blog posts are dedicated to them. To the go-getters, to the hard-workers, to the motivators - they deserve to acknowledged and talked about it. Not only because they are some of my favorite people but they truly are talented at what they do. So starting next Friday, expect a new business to be showcased every week!