Why I Decided To Hire a Business Coach

When you are first starting out in business or even 5 years into it, everything is a learning opportunity. From what services you want to offer to different onboarding tactics, you learn the different processes that work best for you and your clients. I know I've mentioned this before but 2017 was my first year working for myself full-time. I learned so much last year and I am still learning things as I go. I'm sure for as long as I will be in business, I will be learning! 

The one downside of working for yourself is that you don't have any coworkers, atleast I didnt. I didn't have a network of people that I could ask questions to. I had to just do what I thought was right and adjust accordingly along the way. After last summer, I decided to hire a business coach just to help me get on track for a few weeks. I felt like having someone who has been in my position before would be so incredibly beneficial for me. It was honestly the BEST thing I could have done for myself. I had been following Alisha Nicole for over a year. From reading her blog to her newsletter, I had always admired her and what her business had become. One day while I was sitting at Starbucks, I decided to schedule a free consult with her. She was just as amazing over the phone as I had imagined her to be. She listened to my concerns, answered my questions and most importantly - gave me the confidence and support that I needed to keep going. It can be hard working for yourself. Sometimes, you just want to give in and get a day job but working for yourself and crushing your goals is way more rewarding in the long run. 

I ended up working with Alisha for a month and it was the best experience. If you are just starting out or even an established business, it definitely doesn't hurt to have someone keep you accountable. She made sure that all of my homework and assignments were completed before having our sessions. My monthly session with her is completed but I still feel inspired by her! She gave me that extra support and push that I was looking for. Seeing how far she has come and how she is absolutely crushing her goals is a constant inspiration for me! 

Hiring a business coach was something I honestly never thought I would do but I'm so glad that I did. If you are feeling stuck or just uninspired, check your local Facebook business group or ask your business friends for recommendations. There are so many business coaches out there that are ready to challenge and push you to grow your business and keep you accountable. 

Here is Alisha's information if you guys are interested & she has an awesome podcast that I cannot recommend enough!

Alisha Nicole - Coaching & Courses

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