Creating Content

Writing content can be time consuming and we aren't even talking about how much time sharing the content takes. It can overwhelm a small business owner when they have their business to run. Their to do list is constantly growing and adding content creation to that means a constant project each and every week. It's no surprise that it usually always stays on the to do list. The way people consume their information seems to be constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with the trends. 

Content is now a part of everyone's day. Most people seem to be spending less time reading their favorite blogs and more time scrolling feeds. I'll be honest, even I feel like I am reading my favorite blogs less and less over time. It's something I love to do but when there is too much to do, it doesn't get done. Usually, people just spend time scrolling through  their Instagram feed. 

Think about how you can create content but in a different way. Thinking outside of the box will not only get YOU excited to create the content but your followers as well. It will be the thing you start looking forward to each week instead of the one thing you are dreading.   Find the best way that you enjoy creating content and start creating!  Whether that is through Instagram, snapchat, Facebook live or even podcasting, just start. I promise it isn't as scary as you may think it can be!