Workout Roundup

I am excited to let you guys in a little secret. As I am making a few changes to my website behind the scenes and planning out all the new fun things for 2019. One thing that I am incorporating into my blog is a weekly roundup of all my workouts. As you may know already, I am taking some time away from being a member at a Crossfit gym to focus on my nutrition through a program called Working Against Gravity but I still want to get in my workouts! It can be really hard to motivate yourself when it’s just you so I’m hoping these Friday blogs will motivate me and you to get up and get moving!

These are just the workouts that work best for me and my schedule. I am in no way a doctor, trainer, or nutritionist so always be sure to check in with your doctor or trainer before doing any kind of workout!

11/7 (running day)

8 Rounds

.20 mile run on treadmill (1-4 @5.2 speed, 5-6 @5.4 speed, 7-8 @5.6 speed)

.10 walk at half speed

Total Distance = 2.4 miles

11/8 (quickie!)

Warmup of half mile run & stretching/mobility

3 Rounds for time

15 thrusters w/ 20 lb dumbbells

15 burpees

Time: 9:22 (super not happy with this time but this workout surprised me with how hard it was! Definitely going to be redoing this again in a few weeks to see if I’ve improved.)

I only was able to squeeze in two gym sessions this week but it’s better than nothing. Looking forward to getting back into the gym this weekend and sweating. What did you do this week?!