A Business Update

I have been away from this blog for far too long. The last 6 months have been a world wind for me. I took on a few too many clients which was followed up with a solid few months of burnout. It made me re think about my business and how I can really help business owners to the best of my ability. I've taken the last few months to really dig in deeper to what I can do to help and I'm excited to let you guys know that a big change is coming really soon! 

I'm not leaving social media so don't worry! I've been behind the scenes working on a few sneaky projects that will help small business owners rock their social media to the best that they can. One thing I've really been noticing with my clients that social media is SO personal. As much as I can study and work with you on your brand, I'm still not you and I get that sometimes, it's just too scary to hand over those accounts to a stranger. That's why I have been working hard on creating a program that will allow you to work on your social media but with me right by your side. I'll be challenging you, inspiring you and working together to take your voice with a few of my ideas and my tips to help you rock your social media platforms on your own. I will be handing over all of my tools to you and teaching you everything I know to help you grow your social media. (specifically Instagram!) The program isn't ready yet but should be out before the end of the year. Stay tuned! 

I've also been creating a few new services for you. I have something for everyone. From social media management packages to hashtag packages to engagement, there is literally something for everyone. I want to be able to help you exactly where you are! If you suck at hashtags, I got you covered. If you want to hash out ideas, I've created a $30 for 30 minute idea call that we will talk about anything and everything that you need help with. 

I am really excited about these upcoming changes and I promise to keep you updated on the release date. It will be before 2019 but I will make the announcement really soon <3