Coffee Shop Chronicles: The Unexpected

When you are your own boss, there’s a pretty good chance that you are working from home. Whether you are working from your coach or maybe a home office, it can be distracting with all the “home” things staring you in the face. My biggest distraction has f our legs, loves to play and whines consistently if you don’t pat her chest. It can be so easy to close my laptop and get on the floor and start playing. But, let’s be real, playing with dog toys just doesn’t pay the bills.  (If only!) Don’t get me wrong, me and my pup have our walk time during the day but sometimes I Just need to get outside of my own space to get productive. With no laundry, no cute puppy staring me down, dishes to do, snacks to eat, etc.

I started going to Starbucks consistently and it was THE best. I was amazed at how much work I could get done in the little time that I was there. Compared to being home, it was just incredible. I was starting to get a little tired of their coffee and busy atmosphere after awhile.  So I decided to switch it up but couldn’t decide on where to go. My final decision was to travel around the Boston area and try out the different coffee shops.

So today I am at my first coffee shop, The Boston Common Café. It wasn’t my first choice to be honest but that’s okay! My first choice was a coffee shop that is so teeny tiny with no seats but there coffee looks absolutely unbelievable.  I will totally be stopping there on my way home.

Back to the Boston Common. There ice coffee is pretty regular, similar to your every day ice coffee. There’s a nice area to work in if that is what you are looking for. I however, am STRUGGLING to get on their wifi and stay on their wifi so I’m internet-less. Does that not sound so terrifying? 

This morning I was instantly in a bad mood when I was wondering around the city at 7am trying to find a good coffee shop. I was upset that I had not done more research and I just felt like a nomad with a laptop. It made me start thinking how ridiculous I was for being upset. Isn’t the best part of life the unexpected?  Sometimes when you least expect it, you make a friend, you meet a spouse, or maybe you start a business. I sort of fell into freelancing and I am so unbelievably thankful for it.  When it comes to business, you can plan and plan. You can literally plan out everything and I guarantee something will go not as planned. You just have to go with it, and it is so scary but you totally got this. So go out there and rock your business, do the unexpected, try something new – I promise you won’t regret it.