Looking to get more inspired in your business?

Me too. The past few weeks, I feel like have flown by. All the things on my to do list, seem to still be on there. I'm getting my client work completed, but finding the inspiration to do things for myself have been so hard! I've hit a lull when it comes to inspiration and it seems to have made my productivity come to a screeching halt. I think every creative hits this wall at one point or another, and it's important to break through that wall and keep going. Here are a few tips I've found that totally help me get out of my funk. 

Get Creative

I find that I need to do something totally  unrelated to work but something that lets me create. For me, that is painting. But, find something that you love to do. Whether it's writing or painting, knitting, you get the picture! Something that takes your brain off of actual work and lets you create something amazing. Doing this helps me get my creativity back. It's amazing how you can find inspiration in other things that can relate back to your business. 

Coffee Date

Do you have a business bestie? Or someone you love to chat business with? Meet up with them. Whether it's over coffee or drinks, or even Skype, schedule a day to chat. You can tell them what you are struggling with and they may have some ideas that help you with what is going on.Even just asking them what's new in their life can really motivate you to get back to creating! 

Old Content

Go back through all your old content that you have created. You've spent so much time and effort in it. Spend some time updating it and share some of your best work. I find that reading back through ld posts, etc. it sparks my creativity and I get new ideas! 


Take a day to focus on your future goals and what the big picture really is for you. Think about you want and what you ultimately want to see yourself doing in future. Plan out different goals for yourself. Don't forget to make small goals too, not just huge ones! Looking at the big goals all the time can be overwhelming but when you can achieve the small goals it keeps you going! It can keep you motivated to keep going when you just want to sit on the couch and watch reruns of Friends. 

What do you do to get inspired? Leave some of your favorite tips below!