An Instagram Don't

I've heard a few people comment over the last few weeks that the only way to get ahead on Instagram is to play the buying followers technique. I know it may seem tempting to take the easy way out but I promise it will just hurt you in the end. 

I recently had a friend that felt that buying followers was necessary and no matter what I said, there was no charging his mind. He got to his goal number of 10 thousand followers fast and we started to chat about his engagement rate. He was upset with it because he was only getting between 100 and 300 likes. That's only about 1-3% of his followers. With that number of followers, your engagement rate should be higher, at least from my perspective. 

Unfortunately, when you take part in any of those spammy ideas for getting followers, you are not getting TRUE followers that truly love your brand. Your getting people who may be fake accounts, may only be following you to get your company to follow them back, etc. Whatever their motive is, it's most likely not because they love your company. 

My number one tip would be to grow organically. Stay true to your brand - you don't want anyone thinking you are that desperate or question your intentions. Spend some time getting to know your target audience. Think about what they like to see, what they need to know and what they react well to. Come up with a content plan and stick to it! You may want to fall off the first few days just because you aren't growing fast enough, but I promise - sticking with the plan is well worth it! 

Client Story: One of my clients that I have been working with for about a year and a half now, went from randomly posting here and there to posting on Instagram twice a day. Just from posting consistently, her following is now 5 times what it was when we started! Consistency works, I promise!