Making Goals for the New Year

Now that it is 2017, everyone is talking about their New Year Resolutions. I seem to always half ass my resolutions every year. Shockingly enough (wah wah) a few weeks into the year my resolutions are a thing of the past and I completely fail. I know I am not the only person out there that this happens to. 

This year, I am taking on some new tactics. For starters, they are no longer being called resolutions. I guess you can now call them goals but really what they are going to be is intentions. Everyone has their own words for them but for this post I will be calling them goals. I'm putting out into the universe what I WILL be accomplishing this year. I took some time to write down everything I want to accomplish this year and I seriously encourage you to do the same. 

Once I had my yearly goals, I broke the down into monthly goals. Sometimes when you look at that final goal, your heart stops a little because it is so much stuff to accomplish! Shit gets real and you know that accomplishing those 17 (or whatever your number may be) things is just totally overwhelming. Don't stress! I promise, you can accomplish your goals. I broke my yearly goals down into simpler steps.

I now have a list of yearly goals but also monthly goals. I thought about the steps I need to take each month to be able to reach that big ass goal. You can even take that a step further and break it down into weekly and even daily accomplishments. Looking at that big picture can be scary but those little steps are not so scary. Just think about how AMAZING you are going to feel next year when you can cross that big goal off of your list. 

What are your upcoming goals for the year?