When you haven't found your voice.

Social media and blogging is basically the shit right now. Everyone is doing it and if you are not, you are probably feeling stressed, overwhelmed, all of the above. I recently had a chat with a good friend who was pretty MIA on social media. Her reasoning was because she felt like she didn't have a voice. She just figured that she didn't have the knowledge and didn't have a voice to share with her audience, even though she was rocking her biz! 

Everyone has a voice, and I mean everyone! Usually when it come down to content sharing and engaging, two of the biggest reasons why people are not sharing is either they have literally no time or they are afraid. Maybe they are afraid they are going to make a fool of themselves or maybe they feel like they don't know enough. I promise you, you know enough. Clearly your clients love you for a reason! You are knowledgable and you are enough! 

I was so sad when my friend was chatting with me about feeling like she didn't have a voice. To even start a business, you have to have passion, drive and a voice. You already found your voice. It's okay if over time your voice changes. Your business is always going to evolve and change. You are going to change and evolve too. Over time you are going to learn so much and you are going to become more boss and learn to work smarter not harder. One of the best ways to constantly find your voice is just to use it. The more you write, the better you will become. The more you take Instagram photos, the better you will become. It just takes time to figure out your style and what you love and don't love. Don't be afraid. Take the leap. I know it seems scary, but you are going to be just fine!