Creating Content When You Feel Lazy & Unmotivated

When you are working crazy hours and constantly on the go, it can be hard to keep up that momentum every single day. It's easy to have an unexpected lazy day when all you want to do is sit on the couch eating Cheeze Itz and watching Friends on Netflix. Lazy days are awesome but not so awesome when it's on a workday where you have a to do list longer than you. You are an entrepreneur, you have shit to do. Grab another handful of Cheeze Itz and pull yourself together, we are going to be productive today!

Take a Break

Take a break from the screen. After staring at the screen for hours, your eyes hurt and you feel like you are about to go crazy. Get away from your laptop. Close it down and take a breather for a little while. 

Go Outside

Get out in nature! Walk the dog or take a good book and read outside for a little while. Stepping outside in nature will help you relax and will take your mind off of work for a bit. You never know when your next idea is going to hit you!

Browse Old Content

What have you written about before? What was your favorite blog post to write? Take a look at what you have done so far. Read comments and questions your followers have asked. Questions are usually a good starting point for a blog post. 

Do Something Creative

Do you have a hobby that you just absolutely love doing? Whether it is painting, writing or even photography, spend some time doing it. Get out there and use your creativity on your passion. It will help you release some work related stress and when you get back to work you will be happy and stress free.