Quick Instagram Tips

Updating your profile info!

Who are you? What's your website? Including your website is so incredibly important because it gives people an opportunity to go to your site where they can see your services, sign for a newsletter and even hire you. There's so much opportunity here guys. They may have stumbled across your account and really love your images, they will probably love your blog too and so on and so on. Don't forget to include your website and who you are/what you do!


Do your research. It's important to use hashtags that are going to increase your followers and not hurt you. Keep track of what others are using in your field and make sure that your not using hashtags that aren't on track with your target market. 


Interact with others. Don't just let people comment on your photos without saying thank you and engaging them. Ask questions on your photos, get people talking! It can be so helpful, I promise.

Why You Need to Blog - Part 2

Last week I shared my top 3 reason on why you should be blogging. I am back again this week with a few more reasons. What are your favorite reasons to blog?

4. Improves your writing skills

Take the worst writer int he world and make them write everyday and they are going to learn along the way. Put in your 10,000 hours. Keep writing. Once the words start flowing, you never know what you are going to think of. It may spark your next great idea.

5. Drives Traffic From Social Media

Whenever you post your latest blog, are you letting people know on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? Let them know! Share it through different platforms. You never know who you are going to end up reaching and that is all because of the amazing social media networks we have today. 

6. Makes your Followers Happy

Doing all of these things is really just great for your followers (and for you!). They are going to love the content you put out there. All in all, it's a win win. 

Why You Need to Blog - Part 1

Blogs are something that I've always loved. I've been reading blogs for years and I've had a few blogs in my time. My first blog ever was a makeup blog. Every month I talked about my product empties and new products I was buying. Looking back, I giggle a little bit because I loved it so much! My family didn't know about it, my friends didn't know about, you could say it was my dirty little secret.

Fast forward to today, I have two blogs. I blog here on Caitydougherty.com about marketing and social media and I also blog about Caity & Co (my etsy shop!). 

Blogging is time consuming but also a great outlet for you creatives out there. It lets you be creative with words and really drive traffic to your site. There are so many reasons why you should blog and I'm going to let you in on a few of those reasons!

1. Increases SEO

The dreaded SEO. Everyone's talking about and obsessing over it! When you blog, it really does help your SEO a ton. It basically sends a little alert to search engines to let you know that you are still active on your site and staying up with it. You are updating it constantly (depending on how often you blog) and you are staying current. Search engines love that!

2. Consistency

I mentioned this a little bit already but when you blog a set amount of times a week it keeps you consistent. When I check out new site,s I always like to read their blog and if the last post is from 1998 then I suddenly question if they are still in business. Where did you go and why aren't you sharing your knowledge with me? 

3. Trust

Consistency builds trust. If your followers see you showing up 3 times a week for a whole year, they are going to build this connection with you. When you are share all kinds of information with them constantly they are going to see you as someone who knows a shit ton of what they are interested in and you will have their back when they hire you. Why? Because you showed up 3 times a week for a year without missing a beat. 

Do you have any blogging tips? Comment below! Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!

Cheers to 2016!

2016 is right around the corner. I don't know about you but I am so looking forward to a new start. 2015 was a busy year and it definitely had some great times but had some really awful times. I moved, I quit a job, I looked for a new job, I created an Etsy store and the list goes on and on. 

I'm looking foward to a new year because for one of the first times probably ever I am leaving 2015 right where it is. I'm leaving the hurt, losses, mistakes back there. It's not coming into this new year with me. I want to start fresh and with an open mind. I don't want the bad times of 2015 hanging over me. I'm learning from it and letting it go. Moving on and learning lessons is so important in life and it's one of the hardest things someone can do. 

Whether you made a mistake in your business, your work life or even your personal life, it's okay. Mistakes happen every single day. Let's move on together to a better year with productivity, new goals, new content, new strategies, new everything! I'm starting this year off with a planner (which is huge for me) so I can schedule everything and brainstorm all of my new ideas. 

Here's to 2016 and goodbye to 2015. Whatever you are leaving behind, I hope you find peace with it. I hope you get everything you want in the new year. Cheers!

Working From Home: Tips to Stay Motivated!

There are so many pro's to working at home. It seems like there are more and more job opportunities now that either let you work from home full time or maybe even just part time. I have the luxury of working from home a few days a week. I have a part time job but I have been freelancing for the past few months on my off days. It can be absolutely fab! But, it can also feel like a day off sometimes, which we all know can be absolutely awful for productivity.

Do you have any issues working from home? Don't worry, I have some motivation tips for you! You will be productive in no time :)


Wake Up Early

We all need to sleep in every now and then. When it comes to workdays, try to get your butt up early! If you sleep in and lay in bed for awhile, you can waste hours upon hours lounging. Before you know it, it will be 3pm.  #productivityproblems


Work Out

Nothing gets your mind going like burning some calories in the morning. Whether you love yoga or going for a run, whatever it may be just do it. It's a great way to de-stress and get your brain going for the day.


Set those goals girls! When you have a list of things to do, it makes it easier to see what you have to get done for the day/week/month. It allows you to prioritize and stay on track.

Work Space

Designate a space in your home for working. I know your bed looks like the perfect space to work but I promise after a day or two your productivity is going to be shit. Set up a space that you can designate as where you work. When your done for the day you can leave your work there and come back to it the next day. It also gives you a reason to buy cute accessories.

Take Breaks

Don't overwork yourself! It is good to take breaks throughout the day. It's good for your creativity, your stress level and just your overall health. Take a walk outside or eat your lunch outside with a friend. It will let you stop working for a few minutes and reset for the rest of the day.

What are your tips for working at home?

Tough Day at Work?

Everyone has those days at work where you just want to pull your hair out, get up from your desk and go home and crack open a bottle of wine. They are definitely not fun. They make you tense and frustrated. When you get home, don't guzzle the bottle of wine or drown your sorrows in Ben & Jerry's.. even though it is so delicious. Don't worry, having a bowl of ice cream and a glass or two of wine is totally a great way to unwind.. just in moderation :)

Shut Your Phone Off

It can be hard to get away from work when you are constantly reminded by emails and phone calls. Shut your phone off or put it on airplane mode for a few hours. Give yourself just a few hours to sit back and relax. It will be good for your mood and your brain to get out of work mode for a little bit.


I find that when I am stressed, burning some calories makes me feel so much better. Whether you take a yoga class, hit the gym or even go for a walk, I promise it will make you feel better. It clears your mind for a little bit and lets you burn off the stress.

Spend Time With Your Favorite People

After a really crappy day, I love spending time with my boyfriend and my Mom. They let me vent and both give me really good advice. It's nice to hear someone else's opinion on your struggles. Whatever is bothering you, just let it out. Talk about it with people you love and trust. Get it off your chest. I promise you will feel better if you just talk it out, you may realize that it's actually not as big of a problem than you thought.


Practice your hobby! Whether it's painting or even running, go do it! You love and it brings you joy for a reason. The work day is over and now you get to enjoy the things that you love. It will make you feel better and may even bring a smile to your face.

Go To Bed Early

If all else fails, eat your bowl of ice cream, drink that glass of wine and hit the hay early. Reset yourself and get a good night of sleep. You will wake up refreshed and ready to have a great day at work.

What do you do when you have a tough day?

Thanksgiving Feels

Thanksgiving is a time of year that I always think about what I am grateful for. When you get caught up in the day to day, it can be easy to get aggravated with things that just don't go your way. Not finding a job, trouble finding clients, spilling coffee on a white shirt and anything else that comes your way. It can be aggravating and just ruin your day. I allow these silly things to get me down a lot (especially the coffee spills!) 

When Thanksgiving rolls around, I get excited for the holidays. The holiday season has always been a big time of year, even since I was a kid. My mom absolutely loves Christmas and once Thanksgiving hit it was officially Christmas season. I think that's part of the reason why I love it so much. Another part is I get to hang out with family a ton. I don't get to see them a lot through out the year so it's nice to catch up over a few drinks and good food. I lost my grandfather last year and I thought holidays would never be the same. They aren't the same without him but it just goes to show you should appreciate the ones you love and really enjoy your time together. I try to keep my phone tucked away and my mind off work and bills. It's not what's important! At the end of the day, cherish what you have. Laugh a lot with people you love!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

You're Just a Bad Penny

"You were a bad penny for awhile, figured you would turn up."


An old employer said this to me. An employer that I once respected and looked up to, once. It had really hurt me because during my time there I had worked really hard and had done everything I could for them.  I wanted to reply with f bombs and something rude, I couldn't do it. I couldn't stoop to that level. It's just not me.

Instead, I let it stew. It's still stewing.

I'm using that as motivation. This was once someone who did not believe I could freelance and do anything on my own, it's time for me to prove them wrong. For all of you entrepreneurs out there, don't let anyone talk you out of your dreams. You can do it. I honestly believe that you can, no matter what that dream is. Whether you are a nutrition coach, an Etsy seller or whatever it may be, do it. Don't let anyone ever talk you out of it, the only one that really knows if you can do it or not is you.

I am someone who believes everyone should go after that dream job that they want. Why not? You should be happy going to work everyday. You should be excited to jump out of bed and go do what you love If you don't feel that way on most work days, you are in the wrong job. So get out there, follow your dreams.

Have you had any doubters along your journey?

​What to do when you just cant find that dream client!

1. Breathe

Get advice from mentors/people you trust. Stay away from family, they love you so much that they are going to tell you all good things, sometimes you need to hear the hard stuff. So call up your mentors and invite them to brunch or even just for coffee. Tell them what's going on, vent a little. When they give advice, listen. Listen really hard. Listen to what they say. They may make you realize that maybe you are going about things the wrong way. Maybe you are doing something that your target isn't interested in. You may only need to tweak a few things to get back on the right path.The great thing is that they see your strengths for what they really are. They are also going to tell you your weaknesses - which is what you want. Family may avoid that part of the conversation to avoid hurting your feelings.

2. Get out & Network.

Start networking with people. Talk to literally everyone. You never know who they are friends with and they may even recommend you! If anything, you gain a few more friends!

3. Quit ya complaining!

know this can be really hard. When life gets hard and nothing seems to go right you feel like all you have left is to complain. Don't get sucked in. The more you think negatively the more it effects you. Try to be proactive - think quit ya bitching start pitching!

What Not To Say To a Recent Grad...

As you guys know, I graduated a few months ago. I have found that a lot of people say the same things over and over again. Sometimes, when people ask a question I just stare at them blankly. People can be so rude!

Here's a few things you may not want to say at your next grad party...

So, are you going for your doctorate?

Why did you even get your master's?

Did you find a job yet?

So you know you are going to lose your insurance soon, right?

hen are you getting married?

Are you getting married?

Why don't you have a job yet?

How many jobs did you apply for this week?

Do you even work?

They have a Master's program for Marketing? Interesting.

How do you pay for things working part time?

Are you planning on getting a full time job?

Have you considered going back to school?

No. Just no. Don't say these to recent grads, they have enough to stress about! Encourage them to go follow their dreams and congratulate them on their accomplishments. It's a lot of work and it's a huge accomplishment! Yay, recent grads!

Turning Your Passion Into Your Day Job

I am one of those people that whole heartedly believes that you need to love your job! Maybe it is just my generation, but I believe you should be happy every morning you wake up and you should be excited to go to work. Everyone has had those jobs where you just wish when you walked out to your car you were missing a tire, or something along those lines. It sucks when you dread going to work. It makes you miserable!

When it comes to your career, you should love what you do. You will be much happier in your work, your home and just overall. People will see how much passion you have for it and really support your journey! This is what I am currently trying to do! I have decided that it's now or never to start freelancing in social media marketing. I have been job searching for months and nothing has really come across to me as my dream job. It's a good learning opportunity for me to see what works, what doesn't and what it really takes to be successful. It's a journey and I am excited to be on it right now. Even if things don't go the way I want it, that's okay. I know I am going to learn a ton from it and meet some really amazing people along the way. That's really all I can ask for!

So you want to start your own journey? You wan't to love going to your job everyday? Do it. I support you! You are going to figure it out. It may not be easy and it may not be successful overnight, but if you do the work I promise something amazing will come from it. Just do the work. 

Your Path is Different

There is so much information out there about marketing. When you start browsing Pinterest for tips and then you get sucked in for hours reading article after article, sounds familiar? 

So many people swear by certain things. They want to share with you how THEY made their first 5k, 10k, whateverk. It's honestly great that they are sharing their tips and tricks on the internet BUT everyone is different. Everyone has a different business.

ust because someone else made 5k by singing to their clients doesnt mean that is how you are going to make your first 5k. Take a break from learning from others and focus on you. Focus on your buness and why you make it so different. Your path to 5k is going to be customzied to you, not anyone else. 

Try going a week without googling, Pinterest, creeping on others in your field. Focus on you and your why. Focus on your clients. 

The Secret To Success

Everyone wants that secret tip to becoming succesful. There has to be one.... right? Wrong! Well sort of. It would be nice though. Imagine when you have this bad ass idea for a business, someone came to you and handed you the super secret book of tips to make you instantly succesful and changing lives. Amazing, right? So far, I have learned that there is no secret. The one piece of advice I can give you is to work. You work your little butt off. Go out there and make it happen. You CAN do it and in a year from now  you ARE going to notice a difference. Action starts action. Doing the work and inspiring others is only going to lead to more work and more inspiration for you. Just more everything. Putting the hardwork in now will pay off I promise. Even if it doesnt seem like it. 

Take a breather, go outside for a walk and when you come back in, make that first step to success. Throw your fear out the window! (I know I know, so much easier said than done) 

Focus and narrow in your niche target audience. What do they need help with? What are they struggling with? Help them figure out what they need to do. Blog about it, write about it, tweet about, talk about, whatever you are going to put this amazing content, make sure you do it ALL THE TIME.  Your target audience is going to be absolutely thrilled that someone can help them. They found the answers that they have been searching for. Build your tribe. Do the work. 

In a year, you are going to be so busy and your mind is going to be blown. I promise you. I know it takes a lot of hard work but I am more than confident that you can do it. 

Inbox Zero?

I recently heard about this new thing called Inbox Zero. Ok, maybe it's not new but it's new to ME! I'm one of those people that has an overflowing inbox at all times. I know, I know, get my shit together Caity! I am absolutely working on organizing my email and between you and me it's one of my goals for 2016 that I am starting a smidge early.

Inbox Zero is a strategy where you keep your email inbox at Zero.. I know - it probably sounds like a no brainer. Again, DER Caity. I thought it was absolutely mind blowing to have ZERO emails in your inbox. I usually have anywhere between 16,000 & 20,000. Apparently I am an over achiever over here.

Anyways, my goal is to actually clean up my inbox. Has anyone else done this before? Let's chat about it!

Consistency is the magic word.

Consistency is the magic word.

When it comes to creating an online strategy for your marketing, consistency is key. It is honestly the best thing that you can do. You can have every social media network under the sun, spend a gazillion on ads but if you are now showing up on your networks and creating those relationships, it is a waste of time.

Read More

Finding the Right Audience

finding the right audience.jpg

What the heck's a target audience and why is it important? Sometimes, when you have a business, you just want to sell to anyone who has money and willing to buy. While that seems like a great idea at the time, this could truely end up hurting you more than helping you. 

Finding your niche and your target audience is so ideal when it comes to selling a service or a product. You want to be able to help your ideal client out and answer their questions. You want to be the answer to their problems. How can you be the answer if you don't even know who they are or what their question is?

hen you figure out who your target audience is, you start speaking to them and marketing to them in a way they will love, a way that they will understand. Why?? Becuase you know where they are hanging out, what they do, and how they need to be marketed to. It allows you to really get in touch with them and talk to them. Start conversations with people who are going to love you, not just every Joe Shmoe out there.

It sounds scary, I know. But I promise you, you are not going to alienate people away when you find your niche. You are going to attract the right person to your business, not just a lot of people who arent totally interested and not willing to buy. A million people can look but if no one buys, it totally sucks. 

ind out what they do for work, what they like to do on the weekends, what they eat, where they live, etc. Really focus on your niche and figure out who they are to the core. The more you understand about them the more you are going to be able to speak to them on their level. 

Start having idea client interviews and find out what they struggle with, what they love, etc. It will help both of you figure out how to help your client grow and be the best that they can be.

A Little Thursday Motivation

I believe that if you let go of everything you ever loved to make money, you are absolutely going to regret it. Yeah, those boots are amazing, but do you love your job? Do you enjoy going to work everday?

Don't lose yourself or your passion over money. It can be hard when moneys tight, I get it. Those student loans are hanging over my head as we speak(type?!) But don't give up your dreams for money. You only have one life. Live it the way you want to.

Stay positive and keep going. Don't listen to the people who don't support you. Your business is your passion and you love it so much. How would you feel if you just let it slip away? Probably upset, guilty, all of the above. Keep crushing those blog posts and sending your audience valuable information. If you are having trouble, shoot me an email. I'm here to chat and push you to be the better business owner that I know you can be. 

But really, chat with me! I'm happy to help.


Finding Inspiration

Not feeling inspired to come up with content? I totally get it. It can be hard to think what your target audience wants to read. What do your clients really want you to tell them. Don't beat yourself up too much if you are feeling totally lost right now. 

You started this business for a reason. You had a serious calling and you went out there and you created it. You know your client better than anyone. You just need a little inspiration and maybe a little push from me! 

Many people think they can only create content when they are feeling inspired and in the moment. It may feel true, but I promise it's not. You may feel like you have nothing good to say and that is the reason you use for not sharing content. It could be days, weeks and even months before your client gets another tidbit of information from you in their inbox. Don't let this  happen!! You have amazing things to share and I promise you, your clients WANT to hear it. 

You never want creating content to feel like a chore. If it starts feeling that way, take a break. Go outside, take a walk, watch some Netflix, do whatever you need to do to relax and reset. Then go back and look at your old content. Read through it. What do you love about each post? What do you think is missing? Skimming old content will give you some ideas for what to write about in the future.

Think about why you started your business. What made you so excited about starting? Think about your clients. When you talk to them, do you notice they ask a lot of questions about a certain topic? If so, it may be a good topic to start creating content about. If one client is curious, there is a good chance another client is curious as well. 

Creating content can be a lot of fun. It can be somewhat of a chore at times  when you are crunched for time. Remember, it's okay to take a day off from creating content. Be sure to take time to really relax. You will find that inspiration in no time!

The Do's & Dont's of Pinterest

Learning what to do and what not to do in Pinterest can be a learning process. When you completely fail, it's a great way to learn what not to do. Not everyone is okay with failing, in fact most people are not okay with it. Let's skip right over that and chat about what to do and what not to do.

The Do's

Good Cover Photos - Be sure to have photos that are going to catch someone's eye. Having interesting photos will do wonders for your Pinterest page.

Pin What's Popular for your Target - You have to think about who your target audience is. What do they love? What are they into? Pin things that they are going to want to see. Get inside their head a little bit.

Engage - Engage your followers! Talk to them! It's amazing when companies can actually talk to their loyal customers and I'm sure customers love knowing that they are cared about.

SEO - Check the values of your pins. Be sure to use keywords. You will be able to see how much traffic is coming from your pins to your website. It is a good idea to keep track!

Offer Freebies - Who doesn't love free stuff? Whether it is a special ebook or maybe even a course you just put out, offering something free to your followers will show them just how much of an expert you are. 

The Don'ts

Boring Photos - Don't do it. Consumers will move right over it. Keep them interested and coming back.

Pinning Only your Content - Don't be selfish! No one likes someone who only promotes themselves. Be sure to pin content you are interested in and content you think your followers will be interested in. 

Don't Be Spammy - Don't be a spammer. Just don't do it!

Don't Forget to Repin - Show some love to other pinners. Everyone will appreciate you repinning their posts.

Don't Forget to Add Pinterest Buttons! Add your button to your website and other social media networks. Be sure to let everyone know how to get to your Pinterest page.